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High flexible elevator controller for rope and hydraulic systems up to 64 stops. Electable are one-and two-button collecting controllers, guides and broadcasting controls. All inputs and outputs are free programmable with more than 450 input and output functions. The RJ-45 connector on the housing serves to connect extension groups, or the shaftbussystem. There is a group concept with up to 8 lifts. Full casing central processing unit in an aluminum housing with integrated 24V DC 4.5 A power supply, and auxiliary power source 12V DC 1.2 A.
Frequency Inverter    
  GOLIATH-90 - Intern and external Frequency Inverters

Field oriented four-quadrant frequency inverter for synchronous and asynchronous drives with a range to 152A nominal current.

Intern und external Inverter options.

The inverter is operated without main contactors and motor contactors, i.e.

functional safe operation.

Energy management according to VDE 4707..

The monitoring inputs for monitoring the brake elements are certified to EN81-1/2-A3.

Fully metal-encased central processing unit in accordance with EN 55011 Level B of the law concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The inverter involves the connection for a feedback unit.

Support of TTL, HTL, Sin, resolver, SSI, EnDat, Hipierface & Sin-Cos encoders.

The bus connection is via DCP-3, Thyssen Liftbus, KW Liftbus or in future with the CANOpen bus.
Complete Systems    
  Complete controls for cable and hydraulic lifts, with or without engine room. With complete shaft electrical equipment, calling cards and display devices available. Full plug.
Soft Start Unit    
  SAG-90 - Intern and external Softstart-Units

Thyristor controller for asynchronous hydraulic drives rated current up to 210A in W3 circuit.

Intern und external Unit options.

Fully metal-encased central processing unit in accordance with EN 55011 Level B of the law concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

It is controlled via the KW-Liftbus or discreet about a 1 of N connection.

The rotating field and the phase failure detection are implemented in the device, as well as the monitoring of the motor thermistor.
Regenerating unit    
  Compact regenerating unit for frequency regulated elevators. The power classes are from 4 kW to 40 kW. Fully metal-cased central processing unit in accordance with class B of the law concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMVG). The modulation-frequency is always 16 kHz. There is no noise of the modulation PWM.
Brake Control Unit
  Under the condition of functional safety of this braking device was developed. It combines the electronic control of the brake, as well as the variable generating the braking voltage.

The contactor free Brake Unit BG 90-101 can be purely with electronic components, ie without control relays or contactors, enable the brake.

Code switches for the output voltage and a possible overstimulation time can be set.
Emergency Devices / Safety Monitoring
  Emergency stream devices for lifts

Contactor monitoring device SÜ60-101
Shaft Copy    
  solenoid switch and passing light paneels, Digital and Absolute Shaft copy systems and flags pre wired. Encoder systems for the digital & absolute Shaft Copy .
  Based on GSM - analog telephone connection, it is possible to perform the lift attendant function via diaI. The software includes a database for easy management of their elevator systems. Clearly a complete Parametier interface for the KW lift control and inverter system is available. In the download section you will find a 30 day trial version.
Indicator Board    
  System and-Special LOP for shaft- and car-mounting on its own production. With cables and Plug. Switch from our Blue Line Program (Blue LEDs and lightning symbols ).
Glas Indicator Panels    
  Glass-Operating-Panels for car- and landing-calls with capazitive sensor buttons ST60. The aktive push-plate is 30 x 30mm, if you have an quad type of sensor button . You can handle VSG / ESG pane of glass units with a deepth of 22mm. The format of the glas-unit allows a lot of dimensions.
  Matrix-displays in the colors red and blue of the ANZ series-22, 32, 33, 52 and 53, and ESE. In control 1-to-N, binary, Gray Code, as well as Bus-controled. Programmable spot with mobile handheld terminal.
  Pushbuttons of the series KW40, KB44, KB46 and KB60 in the colors red and blue. Sensor switch for Glass-CEP type ST40 in bicolor.
Monochrome LCD Displays    
  Monochrome LCD display, with discrete or bus connection, for elevators
in the standard range

- V30 LCD 50 x 55mm, Piezo buzzer,
   3-Special messages
- V532 LCD 120 x 59mm, Piezo buzzer,
   6-Special messages
TFT Farbdisplays    
  Programmable TFT color display with discreet & KW-Bus connection

- DR-28 TFT 2,8 Inch, 60 x 46mm,
   Resolution 320 x 240 Pixel
- VI-28 TFT 2,8 Inch, 56 x 42mm,
   Resolution 320 x 240 Pixel
- DG-43 TFT 4,3 Inch, 99 x 57mm,
   Resolution 480 x 272 Pixel
- DG-56 TFT 5,6 Inch, 115 x 87mm,
   Resolution 640 x 480 Pixel
- DG-70 TFT 7,0 Inch, 155 x 94mm,
   Resolution 800 x 480 Pixel
- VI-70 TFT 7,0 Inch, 153 x 94mm,
   Resolution 800 x 480 Pixel
- DG-100 TFT 10Inch, 222 x 132mm,
   Resolution 800 x 480 Pixel