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Brake Control Unit

Brake Unit BG 90-101  

Under the condition of functional safety of this braking device was developed. It combines the electronic control of the brake, as well as the variable generating the braking voltage.

The contactor free Brake Unit BG 90-101 can be purely with electronic components, ie without control relays or contactors, enable the brake.

Code switches for the output voltage and a possible overstimulation time can be set.

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Brake Unit GL 90-101  

This Brake Control Unit is prepared for overloaded brake coils. After 1.2 seconds, the outputvoltage will be degreased to the choosable voltagelevel.

At the code-swich you put in a voltagelevel between 50 V and 150 V DC. The brake control unit can deliever a maxium permanet current of 3 A with an electrical power of 600 W for the brake coils.

The maximum output current is electronical limited to 6 A.

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