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Emergency Devices series NSG-16


The Emergency Devices Series NSG-16 devices are robust, with interesting features.In the standard package is a 12V battery with 2.2 AH, externally fasten. The device may be a current of 1.0 A at 12V DC. In addition, a voltage output of +8 V DC. The Emergency Devices also has an alarm relay on the board, which is a floating exchange contact, for example, for the emergency phone and facilities . The Alarm output is 0 to 3 seconds programmable, so that an Abuse suppression can be realized. The setting is done through a hole in the Front panel. A battery under-voltage protection is integrated, and the voltage outputs Diodes are over before feeding from the outside.

the battery is installed externally. A platicl bracket for the mounting rail is included.

Contactor monitoring device SÜ60-101


The device SÜ60-101 is to equip up old elevator lift-controller which do not control the main contactors in the switching mode. But the new conditions of EN 81 there is a need to replace or make something new in order to gurantee a saftety drive. The main contactors must have a 230V AC coil and a free normaly closed contact. The delay time of monitoring is free programmable between 1 and 4 seconds by hardware wireing.

More details can be found in the technical manual on Emergency Devices Series NSG-16 or the contactor-monitoring device SÜ60-101 on the download page.