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  The lift attendant function can now be initiated from a PC in the office. Here, the cabin light, the leveling, the button door open and emergency button can be checked. For initiating the trip, there are two options available: The manually controlled and time-controlled lift attendant function. The presence in the bilding in the old time intervals is no longer necessary. The result of the lift attendant journey is automatically recorded and can be viewed at any time, or be printed. Up to 10 lift maintenance checks can be carried out with different locations per hour.
Management of the entire elevator system inventory
  With the software it is possible to manage all the lifts on a computer. Through the user friendly interface all relevant data of an elevator system shown at a glance and can be conveniently processed. A sorting function facilitates the search for specific lifts. Among other things, the import and export of multiple controllers at the same time is made possible or in an Excel spreadsheet. This can be used to create regular backups of the stored database.
Fault management and maintenance as required
  Through the dial, it is possible to obtain reported issues and problems before the end user is notified thereof. The basic procedure is based on an analysis of the issue locally, to weigh, to temporarily put the system back into operation, such as faulty functions when switched off. The final elimination of the problem can then be performed at the scheduled maintenance date. In disorders that constitute the system, the error history helps to facilitate the planning of the necessary parts, and to achieve a more rapid suppression and re-commissioning of the lift system.
In the download section Software, you will find a 30 day trial version.