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Car-Operation-Panel and LOP

  We produce high quality panels to your specifications. Choose from panels, console, normal and shear panels. The cover sheet is divided into the stainless steel V2A in 2mm thickness. The cut is K240. The cover sheet can be with screw, with clickers or hingedly connected to the panel box.

The following car position indicators are available:

LCD graphic display with blue background and white color symbolism. The apparent size of the display is 112 x 63 mm. It is a visualization of the car position and the direction arrows. Special messages, such as overload, evacuation, special trip, ... can be displayed.

TFT 5.7 inch color display. Free programmable TFT display with a size of 5.7 inch, 115 x 86 mm and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The representation of characters and images can be horizontally or vertically. The display is divided into up to four variable areas of the image

TFT 7.1 inch color display. Functionality as the 5.7 inch display, but with a larger display. TFT 10.0 inch color display. Functionality as the 5.7 inch display, but with a larger display.

These include the identification data field is located in the elevator equipment-specific data are stored. The identification data field is backlit by the emergency light. As a maintenance-free white LED bulbs are used.

Below the field marking the hole picture is sitting on the intercom. Commercial stations will find their place. If the panel comes with a David-controler system, there a KW intercom device is used. The second field is a talk on local system.

As Call-devices, our push-buttons from the extensive standard range, as well as from other manufacturers available. The arrangement of the call button can be 1-Row, 2-Row, but also in conjunction with labeling fields.

In the lower part of the car panel is an alarm button, a door-to-open button, and a key switch for the internal priority. A second key switch or a door-to-close button and a fan button can be added.

All panels can be wired as standard and tested. Our switch from the standard range are fitted with plugs. The panels are using plug and play associated with the FKR in the inspection box and are ready to go.

  Landing panels are manufactured according to your wishes. You will receive for each panel, the corresponding CAD drawing dimensioned with the panel, the installation of components and the possible installation options. The landing panels are wired and ready to use.

More details can be found on the download page.